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Membership is open to men and women by invitation.

The Dunedin Club has evolved considerably in recent years. Membership at the Club is open to men and women, and is by invitation.


There are two membership classifications Town and Out of Town members.

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The Dunedin Club Committee

COMMITTEE 2016 - 2017


  • G J De Courcy Esq


  • Dr M A Skinner

    Immediate Past President

  • A H Banks Esq


  • R J McElwain

  • N Barker Esq

  • G M Easton Esq

  • A J Brosnan

  • J Brocklebank Esq

  • H P Breese Esq


  • Stephen Dawkins

    Club Archivist:

  • S R Strachan Esq